EperSelect, Provolone Dolce 100g

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  • Country: Italy

Product Description

This cheese is native to Campania in northern Italy where it was originally made with buffalo milk. This cheese is a partially cooked cow's milk cheese, with has a thin white or pale yellow crust that is covered with wax or sometimes does not have a crust. The cheese is a beautiful ivory color and is supple with a slightly stringy texture. Its sweet taste and texture make it a very good choice for grilling, but it can also be enjoyed in a panini, diced as an aperitif or served as is with nuts and fruit.

Brand Description

Hand-selected and taste-test approved, we have searched far and wide to give you the best selection of cheese available. All of our cheese is prepared in a sterile environment with German equipment that uses classic European techniques. Carefully selected for you, an Epermarket exclusive!

Country Italy

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