Frozen NPG Natural Chicken Thigh With Bone Antibiotic , Hormone & Chemical Free Around 490gr. Please Note : Delivery Only SZ , GZ, DG , ZH, HZ & TS .

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Please Note : Currently we can only deliver to Shenzhen , Guangzhou , Zhuhai , Dongguan , Hui Zhou  & TaiShan ONLY .Other areas we cannot deliver .

Chicken tenderloins are taken from underneath the chicken breast, and are more tender than the rest of the breast. Tenderloins can be cooked in any way that chicken breast can. NPG chicken tenderloins are all natural and antibiotic free and chemical free to ensure a healthy, delicious, and safe dining experience. 

The Natural Poultry Group Limited (NPG) is a world class team of scientists, veterinarians, businesspeople and farmers dedicated to producing healthier poultry by using NPG technology and natural breeding methods that eliminate all antibiotics, stimulants, growth catalysts, hormones and other harmful additives usually associated with modern industrial poultry farming.

To defrost, leave the frozen chicken, still packaged, in a bowl in the refrigerator for 14 hours for maximum freshness. If you have time constraints, run room temperature water over chicken, still packaged, in a bowl at a constant light stream in order to allow for the cold water to circulate and slowly defrost the chicken. 

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