French Frozen Bread Croissant 50g

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Croissant 50g



WHEAT flour, BUTTER, water, sugar, yeast, whole

MILK powder, salt, wheat GLUTEN, enzymes

(amylases, hemicellulases), flour treatment agent (E300),

EGG wash (EGGS, water)

Contains : dairy products, eggs, gluten.

May contain : traces of nuts, traces of soya.

Suitable for vegans : No

Suitable for vegetarians : Yes

Cooling time:30 minutes,Temperature:165/170°,Baking Time:16/17 minutes。

All our products have a unique taste as they are 100% made in France. Our French partner is mainly using a certified AOP Charentes-Poitou butter, the finest French butter from a controlled designation of origin. Chefs can get a true Taste of France All are products are frozen, easy to use, time saving and customizable. Follow your creativity freely with our unbaked preproofed pastries, prebaked bread and frozen dessert. Pre-proofed and egg washed pastries : Bridor’s pastries are simple, flexible and practical. Prebaked bread. Bridor Breads are made following traditional French methods and prebaked on real stone oven. Frozen dessert – a specific line of sweet for absolute pleasure. Simply defrost and serve ! The Bridor Viennese Pastry Collection is made with 100% fine French butter (winter quality), using traditional, slow, gentle and temperate French methods. Doughs are given long rising times, allowing yeasts the necessary fermentation period. The long fermentation time results in delicious pastries with a palette of natural, complex, rich and intense flavors. They are supplied pre-proved and eggwashed. A service product par excellence, they are quick and easy to prepare, guaranteeing freshness and flexibility. Items can be baked on demand.

Country FRANCE

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