Zucchini 1pc

1 pc per package around 250gr.....

TopwiL Organic Coconut Cream 22% 400mL

TopwiL Organic Coconut Cream is made from sustainably grown, organically certified coconut farm.....

Tomato 2pcs

2pcs  package around 350g......

Red Kidney-Beans 500g

Red-Kidney-Beans are high in fibre, high in protien low in fat and have no cholesterol.Dried beans, .....

Red & Yellow Bell Pepper 300g

1 Red & 1 Yellow Bell Pepper per package.....

Quinoa Seeds 500g

The quinoa seed is high in protein, calcium and iron, a relatively good source of vitamin E and seve.....

Pureharvest Coconut Milk 6*1L


Pureharvest Coconut Milk 1L


Potato 2pcs

2 pieces around 500gr.....

Organic Zucchini 250g

1 pc per package around 250gr.....

Organic Yellow Zucchini 200g

1 package around 250gr.....

Organic White Onion 500g

Around 500gr per package.....

Organic Tomato 350g

1 package around 350g......

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