Potato Chips

San Carlo Tomato Flavour Potato Chips 180g

The tomato is the must-have ingredient in the Italian cuisine. Bite into nature’s gift of simplicity.....

San Carlo Lime & Pink Pepper Flavour Potato Chips 150g

Take your senses on a journey to the far and exotic with San Carlo Più Gusto Lime and Pink Pepper. Z.....

Pringles Potato Chips BBQ 158g

IngredientsDried Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (contains one or more of the following: Corn Oil, Cottonsee.....

Pringles Pizza Potato Crisps 158g

About this itemPizza makes people happy. Pringles make people happy. Combine the two, and your party.....

Kettle Brand Potato Chips New York Cheddar 142g

Bite into a Kettle brand Potato Chip and taste the potato! We use only the finest Russets, prized fo.....

Chex Mix Cheddar 60% Less Fat

Chex Mix is like party mix where you have several different tastes going on u2014 Pretzels, kind of .....

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