French Frozen Bread

French Frozen Bread Sandwich Baguette 140g

Sandwich Baguette 140g WHEAT flour (WHEAT flour, wheat GLUTEN, malted W.....

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French Frozen Bread Rye Bread 45g

Ingredients:water, WHEAT flour, RYE flour 26%, salt, yeast, roasted MALT flour, acid agent (E270), w.....

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French Frozen Bread Pain au chocolat 65g

Pain au chocolat 65g   WHEAT flour, BUTTER, water, chocolate 9,2% (s.....

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French Frozen Bread Mini Chocolate Twists 28g

Ingredients:Dough 64,3% (WHEAT flour, BUTTER 19,4%, water, yeast, sugar, EGGS, salt, wheat GLUTEN, .....

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French Frozen Bread Madeleine Gluten Free 30g

EGGS, BUTTER, sugar, rice flour, whole-grain rice flour, potato starch, corn starch, mille.....

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French Frozen Bread Green Olive Ciabatta Bread 140g

Green Olive Ciabatta   WHEAT flour, water, green olives 11%, olive oil 2%, sal.....

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French Frozen Bread Curved Croissant 70g

French Frozen Bread Curved Croissant 70g, WHEAT flour, BUTTER, water, yeast, sugar, .....

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French Frozen Bread Croissant 70g

Croissant 70g WHEAT flour, BUTTER, water, yeast, sugar, EGGS, salt, wheat.....

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French Frozen Bread Croissant 50g

Croissant 50g     WHEAT flour, BUTTER, water, sugar, yeast, w.....

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French Frozen Bread Brioche Gluten Free 50g

Dough (EGGS, BUTTER, corn starch, sugar, whole-grain rice flour, rice flour, millet flou.....

Stock: 23
French Frozen Bread Apple Turnover 105g

Apple Turnover 105g Apple compote (apple puree, glucose-fructose syrup), .....

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