Pickled Vegetables

Kuhne Pickled Onion 330g

.Add that little something extra to your meals......

Kuhne Pickled Gherkins Choice Grade 330g

Bar code: 039045040290.....

Carretilla Pitted Green Olives 225g

Ingredients: green olives, water, salt, acidifiers:lactic acid and citric acid,antioxidant: I-ascorb.....

(E)Carretilla Whole Green Olives 390g

Ingredients: green olives,water,salt,acidifiers:lactic acid and citric acid;antioxidant:I-ascorbic a.....

(E)Carretilla Pitted Black Olives 335g

Ingredients: black olives,water,salt, stabilizer:ferrous gluconate......

(E)Carretilla Green Olives Stuffed With Pepper Paste 225g

Ingredients:Olives,Water,Sweet Pepper Paste(concentrated pepper extract,sodium alginate and guar gum.....

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