Frozen Seafood

Smoked Salmon Fillet ( Cold Smoked ) Norway 200g

Description Smoked salmon is a preparation of salmon, typically a fillet that has been cured and smo.....

New Zealand Greenshell Mussels 1kg

Minus eighteen degree celcius (centigrade).....

Frozen Tilapia Fillets 4pcs


Frozen Tilapia Fillet 1pc

1pc 180g ~210g.....

Frozen Swordfish Steak Approx. 300g

Price will be calculated at unit weight . Our customer service team will adjust the end total . Pric.....

Frozen Squid Ring 500g

Frozen Squid Rings is a dish of Mediterranean cuisine. Our packing is  1 kilogram.  This f.....

Frozen Sea Bass Fillet With Skin Around 280g-350g

These medium sized Sea Bass only come from selected Fish Farms. Baked, grilled or pan-fried, make se.....

Frozen Scallop Meat 1kg

Frozen Scallop Meat 1kg.....

Frozen Salmon 300g

Due to salmon's high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, is a great brain food......

Frozen John Dory Fillet With Skin Around 230-350g

John Dory is defined as one of the most desirable creatures in the sea, to be compared with sole and.....

Frozen Hawaiian Scallop Meat 500g

Frozen scallop meat (no shell).  Bar Code :6941967100096.....

Frozen Hawaiian Half Shell Scallops 2 Pcs

Scallops are characterized by having two types of meat in one shell: the adductor muscle, called "sc.....

Frozen Alaska Cod Fillet Around 750g

Description  Alaskan cod fillet is a healthy, mild and light dish that you can enjoy any time o.....

ALMON - A Unique Brunch Experience, Skin-on, Salted & 100% Japanese Style, Farmed 3 pcs, 255 gr

How to defrost: Best defrost at 0-4 degrees with Salmon inside sealed bag.Cooking Tip: DO NOT defros.....

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