Frozen Bread/Bagels

French Frozen Bread Ciabatta Nature 140g*2 PCS

Ingredients:wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, wheat gluten, yeast wheat malt flour blank. contains .....

French Baguette 45G*4

Ingredients:WHEAT flour, water, yeast, salt, wheat GLUTEN, malted WHEAT flour, deactivated yeast Con.....

Fine Butter Croissant 50g x4

Croissant 50g     WHEAT flour, BUTTER, water, sugar, yeast, whol.....

Chaussons aux Pommes 105g*4

Apple Turnover 105g Apple compote (apple puree, glucose-fructose syrup), .....

(E)French Frozen Bread Rye Bread 45g*4 PCS

Ingredients:water, WHEAT flour, RYE flour 26%, salt, yeast, roasted MALT flour, acid agent (E270), w.....

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