Bags, Foils & Wraps

Ziploc Double Zipper Freezer Quart 17.7cm X 19.5cm

40 bags per package.....

Out Of Stock
Ziploc Double Zipper 2 Gallon 33cm X 38.1cm

Size:33cm X 38.1cm10 Bags per package.....

Stock: 7
Ziploc Double Zipper 17.7cm X 19.5cm

50 bags per package.....

Stock: 3
Ziploc Double Storage Quart 17.7cm X 19.5cm

25 Bags per package.....

Stock: 6
Waxtex Waxed Paper 304.8mm x 22.86m

Waxtex Waxed Paper for your microwave and baking needs.Also great for rolling pie and pastry dough, .....

Stock: 22
Simply Done Slider Gallon Freezer 26.8cm X 27.9cm

10 Bags Size:26.8cm X 27.9cm​.....

Out Of Stock
Simply Done Double Zipper Quart Freezer 17.7cm X 19.6cm

20 Bags Size:17.7cm X 19.6cm​.....

Stock: 9
Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 22.86m X 304mm

Size:22.86m X 304mm。Bar code:01091534.....

Stock: 154
Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners 4 Bags


Stock: 7
Reynolds Oven Bags Large Size 406mm X 444mm

Size:406mm X 444mm.....

Stock: 2
Reynolds Genuine Parchment Paper Rolls, 30 Foot

High quality, nonstick paper that is ovenproof up to 420 degreesExcellent for baking cookies, cakes,.....

Stock: 31
Reynolds Freezer Paper Plastic Coated 75 Sq Ft

Reynolds freezer wrap is plastic coated on the shiny side. To preserve food freshness, always place .....

Stock: 7
Reynolds Cut-Rite Wax Paper

Reynolds Wrap Cut-Rite Wax Paper-75 sq ft Wrap sandwiches for lunches Homemade choc.....

Stock: 6
Glad Wave Trash Bag Blue 30Pcs M

size:45cm*50cm。for 20L trash.....

Stock: 3
Glad Wave Trash Bag Black or Green 30Pcs M

can't choose colour,size:45cm*50cm。for 20L trash.....

Stock: 7
Glad Wave Trash Bag Black 30Pcs L

Size:50*60cm,for 30L trash。.....

Stock: 5
Glad Tall Kitchen Quick-Tie Bags 13 Gal(49.2L) 80 Bags

80 Bags 13 Gal 49.2 L 60.3cmx71.1cm.....

Stock: 1
Glad Tall Kitchen Quick-Tie Bags 13 Gal (49.2L) 35 Bags

Glad® trash bags help protect you and your kitchen from gross garbage!3-ply strength to avoid m.....

Stock: 9
Glad Tall Kitchen 13 Gallon 15P


Stock: 11
Glad Storage Quart Size 50 Gags 17.7cm X 19.6cm

50 bags quart size 17.7cm X 19.6cm.....

Out Of Stock
Glad Storage Gallon Zipper Bags 20p

20 bags gallon size 26.8cm X 27.3cm.....

Stock: 3
Glad Sandwich Zipper Bags 50p 16.8cmx14.9cm

50 Sandwich Size Bags 16.8cm X 14.9cm......

Stock: 11
Glad Press'n Seal Sealing Wrap 21.6m*30cm 70 Square Foot Roll

Glad Press'n Seal Sealing Wrap 21.6m*30cm.....

Stock: 64
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