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QSI International School of Shenzhen is a non-profit institution that has operated in Shenzhen for 16 years as one of the only true international schools in the area serving the children of foreign families.  The city’s largest international school with the longest-standing International Baccalaureate (IB) authorization, QSI Shenzhen’s four campuses offer an American-accredited (Middle States Association) education in the English language for students ages 2 to 18.

QSI Shenzhen is one of 37 schools in 31 countries on 5 continents operated by Quality Schools International, which began opening international schools independently in 1971.

QSI Shenzhen’s campuses are located in both Shekou and Nanshan districts.

What makes a QSI education unique?

QSI Shenzhen follows a mastery-learning curriculum that nurtures and challenges the whole student in a learning environment that offers choice, rigor, and time as a resource with focus on performance-based mastery. 

QSI International School of Shenzhen is also one of the only independently operated and owned international schools in Shenzhen.  

The Students at QSI

Expatriates come to QSI Shenzhen from over 40 different countries. Our largest populations of students come from…

the U.S.

Hong Kong







the UK.

Students must hold a foreign passport and entry visa to China to join QSI. 

Paths to University at QSI

Our secondary school (high school) program has evolved to meet the diverse university and career goals of students who graduate from QSI and who continue on to some of the world’s top universities in a variety of areas of study.

In addition to our MSA-accredited high school diploma, QSI’s secondary school (Grades 9-12) offers the Advanced Placement Program (AP) as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. 

Depending on a student’s goals, a course of study can include AP, IB, or a combination of both so that students can have choice while at the same time build a competitive university application.  Last year, 59 students graduated as the Class of 2018.

The American Curriculum

The American curriculum that all QSI schools share worldwide includes:

English (Language, Literature, Literacy)


Cultural Studies


Additional Languages (Chinese or Spanish)



Physical Education


Our curriculum is available in detail at and is supported by American textbooks which are loaned to students without charge.

In addition, QSI educates the whole child by offering a wide range of after school activities ranging from:

competitive and recreational sports

choral and instrumental music

visual and graphic arts

a dynamic Maker’s Space with opportunities to learn programming, robotics, and design

film & podcast production, with recording studio access on campus and courses in film

Sports teams offered by the ACAMIS sports association

other events and clubs such as Model United Nations (MUN) and the National Honor Society (NHS)

For students who come to QSI who are not yet fluent in English, we offer the Intensive English (IE) program for ages 6-13 at no additional cost.  The goal of the Intensive English program is to ensure that students develop English at an appropriate pace with a combination of specialized Intensive English instruction balanced with mainstream content-area classes with their peers. The IE program aims to prepare students to have the English fluency level necessary for success and entrance into our rigorous secondary program.

Our Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff off more than 200 teachers is comprised of native English speakers, the vast majority of whom are American.  All teaching staff have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience and are currently licensed in their home states or countries.  Many teachers hold advanced Education degrees and have taught in other QSI schools with experience in the mastery learning approach. 

Class sizes at QSI Shenzhen are on average 15-20 students.  Classes for ages 2-8 have a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.  Intensive English classes are no larger than 12 students.

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