Privacy Policy

1. Confirmation and acceptance of website service terms .

Welcome to Nogogo Online Groceries  
Please read carefully this Privacy Policy for the Nogogo Online Groceries  website  before you register as a member of this website.
When a user successfully registers and becomes a member of this website, it is deemed that the user has completely read, fully understood, voluntarily accepted this Agreement, confirmed that the terms of this Agreement is to deal with the Agreement of both parties’ rights and obligations which are always effective (otherwise stipulated by laws or otherwise agreed upon by both parties), and has agreed to use all the services provided by the website of  (including the services updated and modified by this website from time to time). If a user does not agree with  any part of this Agreement, please do not apply for registration as a member of this website or immediately cease using this website, and apply  to cancel your account.

2. Profile and statement of services .

To ensure that the users can completely and accurately understand the contents of this Agreement, and legitimately and effectively implement a user membership , the user of this website must be a natural person with full and relevant identity documents  or an existing entity established in accordance with  and have legal business status in compliance with the laws and regulations of the PRC .Nogogo Online Groceries reserves the right  to immediately terminate  the membership / account of any user, who does not meet the above listed criteria .

3. License and access to website .

Nogogo Online Groceries  grants a user limited admittance  to use this website. Without express written consent from Nogogo Online Groceries ,users are not allowed to download except in the case page caching , or modify the website or any part thereof. 
Without written permission from Nogogo Online Groceries, it is strictly prohibited to acquire contents of this website including but not limited to use of it’s logo, to directly or indirectly create or edit collections, compilations, database or records of names and addresses .


4. Membership activation .

User registration: user registration means the process that a user opens the website, fills out the information as required, and confirms agreeing with this service Agreement. 

5.User’s  responsibilities .

This website Agreement is a fixed part of the website. When a user visits this website, this Agreement will be unconditionally applicable, and constitute an Agreement between the user and this website (visiting and use referred to in this Agreement include but not limited to reading, browsing, link, registration, ordering, etc.). Whether active or passive, when a user opens any page of this website, it constitutes use and the user must accept the terms of this Agreement. If a user does not agree on or cannot accept this Agreement in whole, please immediately cease to access or use this website. If a user uses this website, it means that the user agrees to undertake responsibility for all activities under this user’s account and password.


6. User’s rights and obligations 

1.A registered user is entitled to have a member account and password on this website, and to use the member's account name and password to visit this website to purchase goods or other services, and is entitled to accept corresponding technical support, consulting and other services when this website provides services. Members are not prohibited to transfer or authorise others to use its own website membership account in any form. 

2. A member user is entitled to, according to the provisions of this Agreement and the rules posted on this website, to check product information on this website, publish user experience, participate in commodity discussions, refer friends, participate in the website’s related activities, as well as enjoy other information services provided by this website. 

3. A member user has the obligation to provide its real information when registering an account including but not limited to email address/es, phone numbers, contact address to ensure that Nogogo Online Groceries can contact the member. 

4. Nogogo Online Groceries reserves the right to terminate provision of services to a user, without refunding and without claim, when a user infringes the intellectual property rights of its website. 


7. Privacy and security .

Nogogo Online Groceries in conjunction with its IT service partner shall carry out backup, monitoring, detection and prevention of unauthorised activity on this website on a frequent  basis, to ensure to the best of its ability that this website does not contain viruses, Trojan horses, bad plug-ins and malicious programs, this ensuring the system operates at an optimal level .However Nogogo Online Groceries does not warrant any user that the website or any link is free from such malware and will accept no responsibility for any user loss or damage suffered thereby. For hacker attacks, malicious code embedding, and other malicious acts: we reserve the right to obtain full recovery and  compensation for any loss and  including but not limited to direct, indirect or incidental punitive and consequential damages.

Nogogo Online Groceries takes your privacy with the upmost precedence in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the PRC .
Nogogo Online Groceries guarantees to take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent access to a user’s  personal information by any unauthorised third party.

Nogogo Online Groceries shall not accept any liability for losses or damages accrued to any user if they disclose any of their registered private account information including but not limited to account name , account password , phone numbers and  addresses to a third party .