Shipping & Delivery

These rates are applicable for areas outside of Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Nogogo Online Groceries generally uses SF Express as their chosen courier company. However customers have the right to choose different courier companies to have their goods delivered. Our customer service staff can advise other options if you require.


Please note SF Express & other courier companies are forbidden from transporting liquids and some powdered products via air. These goods can only be transported via rail or vehicle.


As in the case of refrigerated or perishable goods, Nogogo Online Groceries will advise the customer and can pack the products for transport as best as possible, but cannot guarantee or take liability for these goods if they are received in a substandard state due to temperature control issues. 

As for dry and non perishable goods Nogogo Online Groceries guarantees 100% it’s products shall be received in perfect condition.


Most goods in general will arrive within 24-48 hours after being dispatched from our warehouse depending on the location the goods are being sent to. Nogogo’s Online Groceries Customer Service Staff shall advise the approximate arrival time prior to dispatch of the goods. Nogogo Online Groceries shall provide the customer with all relevant details and tracking number.


Goods that are sent via SF Express are charged at the following rates, calculated as the gross weight of goods purchased:


Nogogo Online Groceries will absorb 1 kg of freight cost per ¥100 spend :  ¥400 first 4 kg free and then charged at rate per kg dependant on destination , ¥500 first 5 kg and so on.


Guangdong Province: Nogogo Online Groceries will absorb 2 kg of weight per 100 of the final order amount. For any excess weight there will be a charge of 2 per kg. 


Outside Guangdong Province: any excess freight fees will be charged at ¥12 per kg.


Our customer service staff will advise you of any freight fees and have confirmation before your order is shipped from our warehouse.


If a customer prefers another company to deliver their goods, Nogogo Online Groceries can advise the transport costs accordingly.